I make storytelling objects.
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2017-2023 NL/BE/TW

I make storytelling objects.
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The Moment of Glass


a project for Master Industrial Design

tutor: Krijn Christiaansen & Cathelijne Montens (KCCM)
archaeology adivisor: Jessica Juan Bayarri
What if glass bottle is the future synthetic fossil? This project illustrates an imaginary campaign that uses glass to document human civilisation from an individual perspective and speculates the next industrial revolution.

"A.C. 2025, 'The Moment of Glass' program start, documenting human civilisation from an anti-sovereignty, decentralised perspective."

"After the disaster, human start to rebuild the Anthropocene civilisation. An archaeologist discovers an artificial stratum constructed by glass bottles."

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Hybrid Injection Moulding

Mass 3D printing


Future Scene

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