I make storytelling objects.
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2017-2023 NL/BE/TW

I make storytelling objects.
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Sexperience Has No Limit


design by Zoe Huang, Rising Lai, Chia-Ning Hsu

mentor: Wen-Yuan Lee, Ruey-Jin Wong
photographer: Chien-Yu Liu, Shou-Zhi Wu
model: Tzu-Hsuan Yu
special thanks to: 手天使

🏆 2019 Finalist, International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)_USA
2019 Dezeen's Top 10 Graduate Design Projects, Dezeen_UK
2019 整合解決問題獎, 後浪賞_Taiwan

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Sexperience should has no limit.

To the disabled, the right to fulfill their sexual need had been ignored and considered as taboo in some regions. We take the sexual right of the disabled like the normal people and want to make the disabled suffice their need mentally and physically through product design.

‘Ripple’ focuses on multiple dimensions of tactile, visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli. The design provides the tactility on various areas of human body, the scent of pheromone, the rhythm of sound and light. ‘Ripple’ can successfully create the immersive ambience to meet the sexual need of the disabled.

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