I make storytelling objects.
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2017-2023 NL/BE/TW

I make storytelling objects.
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Reuse the Overlooked:
Waste Acrylic Fibre


a project for Master Industrial Design

tutors: Brecht Duijf & Lenneke Langenhuijsen (buro Belén)
collabaration: Waag & REFLOW project
‘Reuse the Overlooked: Waste Arcrylic Fibre’ is a material study and experimenting project. The main goal is to develop a small-scale production procedure that reuses waste acrylic fibre directly and efficiently. Furthermore, exploring the potential product application of this material.

This ongoing project's motivation is to practice the material-driven mindset by working with the material instead of just using them. Eventually, I came up with the most uncomplicated process that allows individuals to work with waste acrylic fibre. Also, I propose several potential products for this material.

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